The Obelisk

The Obelisk is the source of all magic. It takes the power of the Far Realm and turns pure chaos into energy and magic to be used in reality.

To whoever bears the Obelisk, there is nothing which cannot be done. The Obelisk is the object from which the Daileous Stone was chipped and stolen. The Obelisk has all of the Daileous Stone’s powers and more!

No force short of the Highest of the Formless One can oppose the Obelisk, though it is limited to what its bearer wishes to accomplish, and the extent of their knowledge. The Obelisk is intelligent, but it does not always seem to be aware.

Note that even the Obelisk and its bearer are bound by the First Law of Magic – the One Spell may never be used. As this was decreed by the Highest, even the Obelisk cannot disobey.

See the Sins of the Mother…

The Obelisk

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