Dark Ascension

Chapter 1: Poromous - The Sorceress

Rosa’s nose was full of the scents of nature as they traveled through the forest on their way to Viira-Et. Grass, leaves, dirt, animals, not what the sorceress preferred – she was not a ranger or druid. The golden haired elf by her side, however, did not seem bothered by the earthy aroma. The bard smiled back at one of the men in their traveling party.

“So you notice they keep staring at your ass?” Rosa asked bluntly.

“It’s a common occurrence,” Daniei replied with a bell-like laugh. “The knight is cute. That druid looks a little rough though. Too much time on the road, I think.”

“You spend a lot of time on the road.”

“That’s different! I make sure to stay in comfortable repose, whenever possible.”

“That code for a man’s bed?”

Daniei suppressed a giggle and Rosa just rolled her eyes.

“I thought the druid was your escort or something, though.”

“That doesn’t make him less rough.”

“Why are you taking us to this elf queen?” Rosa asked, still not sure why she was traveling with the elf and the men who helped the sorceress rescue her.

“You mean Her Most Illuminated Majesty, Queen Valliana of the Ci Carath, Eternal Lady of Spring and Bringer of the High Court?” The bard replied with a dignified air.

“Yeah, that.” Rosa said in a dull voice.

“She’s my aunt, and she needs to hear what our half-orc friend has to say – and about the cultists who attacked me. These are not signs to ignore,” Daniei answered. “Team Sticks and Stones are along for the ride,” She added with a giggle. “Besides, there’s a lot we could learn from the little gnome – he’s the first of his kind I’ve ever heard of traveling to our fair land.”

“And me?” Rosa asked, one dark eyebrow raised.

“You intrigue me, sorceress,” The bard gave the magic-user a shrewd look. “And you helped rescue me, so you’re part of the group now, like it or not.”

She giggled again at Rosa’s look.

“If my disintegration worked…”

“But it doesn’t, as we saw, so you’re stuck with us,” Daniei grinned. “I won’t be the only one interested in your appearance and powers.”

“Oh, so now YOU’RE checking out MY ass?” Rosa asked, as the others slowed down to find a place to stop and eat.


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